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  1. 2002– 1800 Goldwing w/2006 Hannigan Trike Kit, 148,000 miles. Lots of Extras;  Hand-Grip Warmers – CB – Arm Rests.
    Call Rob Dougher 708-481-6866.  See picture below.


  2. NOLAN N-100E & N-102 Modular full-shield Flip-up style helmets for sale.  I have 1 Sm and 1 Med 2N-100E’s with headsets.  I only have 1 N-102, Small, and it doesn't have a headset.  These helmets were used very little, and they’re in perfect condition.  All accessories, and manuals are with the helmets.  I would like to have &99.95 ea., and this is less than 1/3 what I purchased them for.  If you’re interested, contact me.  If you’ve got a deal I can’t refuse, let’s talk. Ronnie at ronniev@bellsouth.net .       (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

NOLAN-N102_Sm (2).JPG

NOLAN-N100E, Sm.& Md. With headsets

NOLAN-N102, Sm. No Headset